Thursday, September 15, 2016

Inspired by.....Chanel

In Paris, Gabrielle Chanel designed a deceptively simple, collarless jacket that has become a fashion icon. Executed in jersey or tweed, the jacket often featured braid trim, metallic buttons, and pocket detailing. It was modern, chic, and comfortable. Paired with a slim, well-fitting skirt, the suit epitomized the classic look of the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Vintage McCalls sewing pattern.

Included in Barbie's 1959 wardrobe, was a nod to the Chanel jacket. Commuter Set (1959-60) featured a two-piece navy cotton jersey suit, and a white satin sleeveless body blouse for elegant dinners. A casual blue and white mini-checked blouse was also included along with a delightful three-flower silk hat, gloves, jewelry, shoes, and hatbox.

Illustration from a vintage Barbie booklet.

Mattel's Dusk To Dawn Gift Set from the 2001 Barbie Fashion Model Collection included a similar Chanel-style suit re-interpreted in timeless black. A legendary classic look perfect for a legendary diva's wardrobe.

Dusk to Dawn Barbie styled by The Couture Touch.

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