Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lunch with Luciano

Wearing a sophisticated suit ensemble, American film diva Madra Lord arrived at the elegant St. George Hotel in Rome for lunch with famed Italian film director Luciano Emmer.  "Bellissima, my darling!"  Luciano exclaimed.

Miss Madra Lord
"Lunch with Luciano" features a beautifully detailed mustard and black checked, double-breasted jacket with tuxedo "tails"; slim black skirt, black gloves, and drop earrings. The original cream scarf is replaced with the lace blouse from Ashton Drake's "Hello Hollywood Hello" costume. A dramatic black feathered hat, "charm" bracelet (both from The Couture Touch), and black fur muff from Ashton Drake complete the stylish ensemble. And of course, every star needs a glamorous pair of sunglasses. (From Horsman's Vita Collection).

Photo courtesy Sandra Stillwell Presents....
Inspired by this circa 1950's suit ensemble from the House of Fontana, Sandra Stillwell created "Lunch with Luciano" exclusively for her 2015 Bellissima Italian Style!! event.

Photo courtesy
This versatile jacket style can go from daytime chic to evening elegance as illustrated on this circa 1940's Vogue Couturier Pattern envelope.

So after a successful lunch with Luciano....what better way to spend the remainder of the day?  Why shopping, of course!  


Black Widow Madra Lord (enhanced with an Integrity body) is from Ashton Drake.
Photography backdrops are from


  1. Fantastic, Melissa! I'm going to steal your idea to sub out the blouse! I love it with a touch of lace. And fantastic hat too! Thanks for the inspirations! Megin

    1. Thank you Megin! It's a great suit. Melissa

  2. What a wonderful. photo of this outfit and Ms Lord. LOVE the hat. Megin is right the close is a must steal prop. Don in Seattle