Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cover Girl Madra Lord is the Toast of Manhattan

Madra Lord poses for the cover of Vogue in Sandra Stillwell's ultra chic Cover Girl 3-piece suit ensemble from her Toast of Manhattan Event. Perfectly coordinated accessories include a dramatic toque, gloves, belt, handbag, earrings, and leopard-trimmed shoes (not shown). The pin is from The Couture Touch.

Photo by Rawlings for Vogue, September 1, 1942
The original ensemble featured a Young-Timers' wool jersey two-toned dress topped with an overcoat of Forstmann wool with a leopard-stencilled lapin (rabbit fur) lining.  (Note: Wool linings were forbidden under the new wartime L-85 Government Regulations, but fur linings were legal and luxurious.)  Dress, coat, and hat from Henri Bendel.

"Spotted in Manhattan" Madra Lord is from JamieShow. Auburn wigcap borrowed from J'Adore Gene Marshall.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Miss Marshall is Heady for Hats

Gene Marshall
Welcome to a New Year and a new blog from The Couture Touch dedicated to my passion for hats. There is nothing quite like a new hat to uplift the spirit and inspire the soul. Chapeaux à la Mode (French for fashionable hats) will feature vintage photos, advertisements, illustrations, articles, and DIY projects for your favorite miniature diva. The stars from Monolithic Studios plan to be there. How about you?

Photo Credits:

OOAK suit ensemble is from The Couture Touch, circa 1940.
White Orchid Gene Marshall is from JamieShow.