Monday, October 13, 2014

The News from Paris & Schiaparelli

The sharply angled silhouette....the spiral flounces wired to flare out....paired with the high severity of black silk illustrated by Eric for Vogue, October 1, 1948.

Madra Lord embraces the softer side of the new silhouette by pairing a knit bodysuit from Robert Tonner's Urban Sport fashion set from the Tyler Wentworth Collection with the plaid ruffled skirt from Integrity's Willow Madra Lord. Easy elegance for an evening out or at-home entertaining.

Ashton Drake's Black Widow Madra Lord has been enhanced with an articulated body from Integrity.


  1. Clever! Clever! Clever!!!! Your are my mix/match IDOL!!! I don't own either of those clothing pieces (RATS), but if I did I'd so have to do this look! LOVE it, Melissa!

    1. Thanks Megin. I do have a lot of fun mixing & matching. And this is a great skirt, although I wasn't a fan of the original blouse. Thanks again. Melissa