Monday, July 7, 2014

Spotted in Vogue

Carl Erickson illustration for Vogue
Why Miss Lord, of course!  In 1957,"Spotted in Manhattan" Madra Lord made her modeling debut in the iconic fashion magazine. Join me for an exclusive look at Miss Lord's photo shoot for the Autumn Fashion Forecast layout, styled by The Couture Touch.

From the American Designer's Collection, a Betty Rose inspired suit from Sandra Stillwell wrapped in luxurious fur. Hat, fur and shoes are all from Integrity. Gloves from Ashton Drake. Handbag from Madame Alexander.

Perfect for those crisp autumn days, Robert Tonner's luscious "Cashmere Noir" coat. At the neck, a scarf tied ascot-style from Mattel. Additional accessories include leather gloves from The Couture Touch, hat and earrings from Ashton Drake.

For dramatic evenings, an intricately beaded figure-hugging gown and stunning evening coat from Violet Water's 2004 "Blues in the Night" ensemble by Ashton Drake. Jewelry from JamieShow.

Miss Lord graces the cover in the delightful shirtwaist dress from Ashton Drake's 2001 Coca-Cola Calendar Girl ensemble "April Showers", based on a March/April 1957 calendar photograph from the Coke archives. Hat from Mattel, belt from The Couture Touch, gloves and earrings from Ashton Drake, and bracelet from Facets by Marcia.


"Spotted in Manhattan" Madra Lord is from Mel Odom and JamieShow.

Miss Lord's hairstyle provided by the "Johnny" wig, size 4/5, from Monique shown in carrot red. Available in a variety of colors from

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