Thursday, April 10, 2014

Creative Millinery

During WWII, the U.S. implemented clothing restrictions (referred to as Limitation Order L-85) to the apparel industry in order to conserve materials needed for the war effort. The rationing of supplies sparked creativity as well as renewed self-expression.

Even Hollywood was impacted by the wartime restrictions. At the Monolithic Studio's wardrobe department, stylists work their millinery magic with available materials to refresh some of their early costumes.

The result:  Five glorious hats....each one star-approved by Monolithic's leading ladies, Miss Gene Marshall and Miss Madra Lord.

J'Adore Gene Marshall wears a fashionable red leather tilt hat made from a vintage shoe clip. The clip was removed and a circle of felt was added to finish the underside of the hat. Ashton Drake's red crepe jacket/dress ensemble is now the perfect "Smart Set".

Blue Fox Gene Marshall accents her black and cream striped dress with a delightful black ribbon tilt hat that began as a flower lapel pin. "Lucky Stripe" gets a make-over by adding a belt and moving the side drape so the beautiful pleating is visible. Dress, jewelry, gloves, and Miss Marshall are all from Ashton Drake.

The hat from Robert Tonner's "Fresh Take" gets a fresh re-take by re-shaping the wired bandeau into a dramatic red feathered tilt topper perfect for Tonner's Reporter in Red suit ensemble from the Brenda Starr Collection. Jewelry from The Couture Touch. "Fresh Take" costume is from the Ann Harper Collection. Like A Fox Madra Lord is from Ashton Drake.

The satin ribbon hat from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe Collection brown accessories set was updated with vintage millinery trim for a spectacular floral confection. Suit, gloves, and jewelry are from Ashton Drake. J'Adore Gene Marshall is the FDQ exclusive doll from Mel Odom and JamieShow.

Dark Desire Madra Lord graciously poses for the cover of Movie Star magazine wearing a fabulous tilt hat that was once the little tam from Ashton Drake's "Bonnie and Blythe" costume. The red pom pom and black vinyl trim were removed from the original hat. Buckram was inserted for shape and support and the underside finished with felt. Dramatic vintage trim accents the "new" hat. Dress, jewelry, and Miss Lord are from Ashton Drake. Fur cape from Dimitha.

Next time:  Make a circa 1940's tilt hat for Miss Marshall.

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