Monday, October 15, 2012

Mileage For Your Money

Photo by Horst
Mileage for your money and wizardry for your wardrobe.  In the Fall of 1941 money was still tight and war was looming.  Vogue magazine dedicated it's October 15th issue to helping women get the most value for their money.  Featured on the cover:  A sensational wool suit from Carolyn Modes accessorized with a fabulous black fox muff and hat.

Photo by Horst
What better way to cut costs:  Make your own clothes, or have them made.  Pictured is an elegant brown wool coat lined with the same bright blue as the dress accented with a blue wool and nutria hat and huge nutria muff.  An exclusive Vogue Patterns Design.

1941 Ad for Lord & Taylor
There's a new look for Five O'Clock and On - Golden wool dinner jacket and bag encrusted with shiny black sequin and braid embroidery.  Another new look:  The tight gloves under loose bell sleeves.  Elegance and discretion for cocktails, for dinner, for restaurant dancing.  From Lord & Taylor.

Photo by Rawlings
Putting on the Ritz in this super-sophisticate in rose and purple.  Quilted silk satin jacket and shoulder bag.  Clinging silk and wool crepe dress, newest up-to-the shoulder jersey gloves.  Traina-Norell Design.

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