Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eight Dramatic Paris Hats, 1936

High Drama Out of Paris....Marlene Dietrich purchased eight dramatic hats recently in Paris.

Hats by Agnes
Top left:  Blue and red suede hat with a cascade of blue feathers and a suede scarf to match.
Top right:  Black felt hat with red and blue suede and misted feathers.
Bottom left:  Wine-red suede hat with rolled brim jutting forward from a peaked crown.  A red feather quill streaks up one side.
Bottom right:  Fantastic black suede hat with the crown tweaked to a point and a tassel of fringe so long it may be looped around like a scarf.

Hats by Reboux
Left:  Cone shaped hat of wine felt with a woolen cord, and a dramatic wine dotted tie-silk scarf.
Right:  Peaked hat of alternating stripes of dull and shiny felt.

Hats by Reboux
Left:  Flower-pot hat of white and black felt with matching velvet scarf.
Right:  Amusing horn-like hat of furry purple felt with a silk scarf, combining pale and royal blue with purple.

Marlene Dietrich wears these hats with simple clothes - for a clever woman never goes dramatic in all directions at once.

Source:   November 15, 1936 issue of Vogue magazine

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