Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smart Styling for Victory

During the make do and mend era of the early 1940's, women were encouraged to conserve and stretch their wardrobe either by adding new accessories or restyling existing pieces.

A jerkin, which can easily be made from an old coat or suit, is an excellent way to update last year's dress.  Add a matching hat and gloves and you have a smart and stylish new ensemble.   On The Avenue Gene Marshall wears an OOAK blue wool herringbone tweed jerkin over the black crepe dress from Ashton Drake's  "Little Black Dress" costume.  Jerkin, belt, hat, and gauntlet gloves are from The Couture Touch, necklace from Ashton Drake's "Star Wardrobe Black Accessory Set", purse from "A Lady Knows" ensemble.

Don't throw away that old and out-of-style hat!  Why not reshape it and add some new trim detail.  Lunch at the Green Parrot Violet Waters wears a restyled brown velveteen hat that was originally a pillbox hat from Tonner's Kitty Collier "First Class" ensemble.  The new military-style shape is accented with vintage black grosgrain trim and a hat pin.  Restyled hat and OOAK jewelry from The Couture Touch, fur drape and matching purse from PD Root, black top from Ashton Drake's "A Lady Knows", belt from "Little Black Dress", skirt from Tonner's TDLM "Le Petit Ensemble Noir", gloves from Integrity.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog and love it so much, fabulous designs and pictures. I blog as Clothes in Books please take a look. I would love to feature your photos occasionally - would you consider that? Obviously I would attribute - I intend to put a link to your blog on my recommended list anyway.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and interest. You are more than welcome to feature my pics. Glad you enjoy them. And I love your blog concept.

  2. I loves your looks! Violet looks amazing!!!!